The Cure

I love making people smile. My photographs have a strong element of energy and fun to them. This year, my New Year’s resolution was not to loose weight but to return to direct mail. I remember walking into Art Producer’s offices and seeing postcards and posters plastering the walls and overflowing from the cabinets onto the floors. Today, I see a lot of empty space on those walls. Why should I not help fill those walls with some fun and beauty?

I wanted to create a direct mail promotion that would enhance my photographic brand of images that are full of fun, energy and life. I also wanted to create a mailer that would share my potential client’s office space for a while and maybe bring a smile into their busy days.

“The Cure” is a beautiful 8oz blue glass bottle with a silver cap that contains miniature M&Ms. These bottles are wrapped in a silver label that reads, “The Cure: To cure creative block take two and call, Zave”. This bottle sits on top of a tri-fold brochure of my images. The bottle and brochure are then nested in white crinkle paper and packaged in an attractive box with “The Cure” stamped on it.

I also created a social media component by taking photographs of the “Cure” bottle in various environs like Joshua Tree National Park and in the casinos of Atlantic City. I then posted one of these photos each week during our mailing cycle on social media. I mailed 40 boxes each week over five weeks. Each week’s recipients received an email stating that, “several lucky people will find “The Cure” in their mailbox this week. Might one of them be you”?

It is hard to know the impact of a promotion this soon. We have received many “Thank You” emails and suddenly people are answering the phone when we call.

We artists get hired for our vision. Vision alone in today’s crowded market will not grow business if potential clients are not aware of one’s work or struggle to remember who created that wonderful photo they recently saw. We hope that our “Cure” helps Art Producers remember our name and our images. We hope our “Cure” will bring a smile to our brand.

http://www.zavesmith.comThe Cure

Palm Springs

3-The Cure

4-The Cure

5-The Cure

6-The Cure

7-The Cure

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My interview today of

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That Avo Moment

Smoking Jazz Night


“The lights are low and the music is hot. A small group of friends are sharing a moment and sharing the pleasures of a good cigar”. This was the creative brief that we received from Michael Olsson of Colangelo, to create that perfect “Avo Moment” for the campaign launch of their new Cigars.

After the usual rounds of portfolio viewing and multiple bids, Zave Smith and his Agent/Producer, George Watson of Watson & Spierman Productions, were selected to create this “Avo Moment”. Three models were cast, rooms full of extras were invited and a wonderful jazz trio provided both the musical inspiration and visual texture that was needed to make this scene feel real.

We hope you enjoy the results…

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The Battle Resumes

Model looking at her portrait.

Model looking at her portrait.

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Beats Shopping

It beats shopping

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Into The Woods


Went out to play yesterday….

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Work Life

Cancun Shoreline

Enjoy Your Weekend

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