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WHAT IS ART? In my mind art is the attempt to create an object that allows us to examine the human soul. This object can be a thing, a story, or a piece of music. The key difference between the arts and other attempts of self-examination are that art speaks to our sprit and emotions, as well as our brains. Good art also seduces us, it has an ego, it is compelling and calls out to us; “look at me”.

We commercial artists use the tools of fine art to create our messages. Sometimes the stories that we are hired to tell are so basic that we can only use a few of the myriad art world’s arrows. My favorite projects however, are those that allow us to use the full quiver of art’s arrows. It is amazing to me how even in a simple ad for a store, a bank or medication we can touch the human soul.

One of the things that I have learned during the last 15 years is that each of our souls is different. Our perceptions of art are also unique. This can often lead to creative differences on set when compelling but different quivers are being used by the different archers on the set.

These archers, the art director, the buyer, the account executive, all wish to see their own favorite combination of arrows in the artwork. These “on the set differences,” can lead to amazing new combination of ideas if all the participants have an open mind and leave their egos at the door. Collective artistic collaboration can lead to either mush or an artistic rush. In my mind, the best way to deal with these creative differences is to shoot it with as many different combinations of artistic arrows.

In my opinion, it is impossible in the heat of creativity to be both the artist and the critic.Sometimes you just have to live with the work for a day or two to let go of the emotions of the shoot. It takes time to allow the work to speak directly to your heart. If a shoot was well scripted and budgeted, shooting several versions was already in the plan.

It has been a very busy summer at the studio. We have been shooting for Biney & Smith (think crayons), Hart-Hanks, Hypno, Princeton Partners, MGH Advertising, Getty, Corbis and Uppercut Images. You can see some of this new work on our recently updated website.

As always, enjoy the road.

Zave Smith


About Zave Smith

Commercial Photography for Advertising.
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