Getty Buys the Church

©2007-Zave Smith Photography

Getty Images announced this afternoon that they are making an offer for the Catholic Church. Church officials in Rome confirmed that they are in talks with Getty, “with all the lawsuits and such we need to maximize our revenue now”, a noted church official said.

Getty said it is also planning to buy other denominations shortly. They are doing their due diligence of both the Jews and the Moslems. Johanna Kline said, “We feel with the mergers of these similar but separate collections we can not only streamline operations to increase heavenly opportunities, but we will be promoting a more peaceful world at the same time”.

The chief Rabbi in Jerusalem told Fox News that they would be interested if, “the price was right and if the Palestinians also joined but were given a very small listing on the back page of the website”.

Jerry Farwell also told Fox News that: Kline can buy is collection but that Kline would have to take orders and directions for him, “nobody knows this business like I know this business”, said Farwell.

Hillary Clinton noted from the senate; “If I only knew then what I know now I might have not have given Klien the power to pursue these arrangements”.

When asked how the Hindus feel about all this consolidation in the God business a noted Guru answered, “if not in this life, then in the next”.

Getty’s stock shot skyward only to head south in after hours trading. John Banker from Smith Barney said of the deal, “the devil is in the details.”


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