The Best Chef

©2007-Zave Smith Photography

There are times when it requires large team to put together a shot. Many of the commercial jobs that we produce can require: A producer, clothing stylist, set stylist, hair and make up stylists, models, props, locations, digital production assistant, camera and lighting assistant and who knows who else. Other shoots work better paired down to just the model and me.

On some jobs a massive amount of planning goes on, a whole dream world of sets, props, and talent is built to order in order to create this photograph world, which often looks just like the real world, only better. Other times I get to let life play out in front of me, where my role is to not to get in the way. On these jobs I am there to watch and to capture reality in a way that this reality becomes an icon or metaphor for what I want to share.

Sometimes the best chef just lets the natural flavor of his ingredients come through.





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One Response to The Best Chef

  1. Deborah says:

    Love the color. Couldn’t have done better myself. ;-))

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