Girl Accross The Street

©2007-Zave Smith Photography

My studio is located in an industrial area in Philadelphia. Across the street an Asian man owns several food related businesses. This hard working man who barely speaks English also has his family living above the warehouses that he owns. Often times what I believe are is wife, mother and daughter can be found sitting on boxes and enjoying the views though nobody would call the views on Buttonwood Street pretty.

Yesterday I took a photograph of the little girl and gave this image as a print to the family.


About Zave Smith

Commercial Photography for Advertising.
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One Response to Girl Accross The Street

  1. Thomas Bliss says:

    Awesome shot Zave.

    Digital is great. I know what you mean about getting the time to do something spontianious, and then having the time to deliver it.

    I bet the smiles from that family were priceless.


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