Orphan Works

While this blog is mainly focused on creativity and photography today I need to speak a bit about politics and a bill before the U.S. Congress.  

In an age where trying to sustain any business model whose basic product is ideas or art is becoming increasingly difficult because of the ability for people to steal your output, the United States Government is considering legislation that will make it legal, under certain circumstance, to steal this creative output.

If you care about copyrights, if you care about the ability of artist, authors, musicians or any creators of content to be able to sustain themselves by earning income from their creativity, you will be interested in the outcome of the current congressional battle.

For better information and analysis than I could ever provide, please follow this link to the website of the Stock Artist Alliance.  http://www.stockartistsalliance.org/orphan.html


Zave Smith 


About Zave Smith

Commercial Photography for Advertising.
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