New Jersey Special Olmpics

The New Year dawns just like any winter day. It is dark, it is cold and I have not seen the sun in over a week.  If one chooses to lead a creative life, each year starts at zero for there is little market for yesterday’s ideas.  We, “The Creative’s”, have to turn every cold dark dawn into interesting light.

Last night my wife and I saw film “Les Miserables.” In the movie version of this classic story, Russell Crowe, an actor not known for bursting out in song, takes on the role of Javert.  I had to ask myself why did he do this?  Here is an actor, at the height of his fame, taking a role in which he could possibly “croak”.  Yet, while I do not expect to see Mr. Crowe on next seasons, “The Voice”.  He handled this vocally challenging role with great respect.

So on this first dawn of 2013 I pledge to myself one thing, “I can do this.”  If an idea for an image comes into my head, if a creative challenge comes my way, if a project completely out of my norm comes to my door, my first response will be, “I can do it”.  Or at least, I will try.


Zave Smith



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Commercial Photography for Advertising.
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