The Secret Circus

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The circus attracts us with acts of daring and costumes of red, with feelings of fear, of sensuality and of delight.  Animals, big tops, bad food, cheap prizes, sugar and beer;  yet the circus has the power to draw us in with promises of leaving it all behind. We all share circus dreams of running away to freedom, and a life of fantasy and little responsibility.

The circus can also be a catalyst of creativity. Circus De Soleil showed us how a carnival of tricks can become a true art form.  This last fall, when people of “The Workbook” put on its “Creative Carnival” at the Art Directors Club in New York, performers of the “Secret Circus” became the nexus of the evening.  They helped turn a networking event into an evening of delight and surprise.

I was entranced by the simple power of these performers to excite the soul.  I recently had the opportunity to meet and photograph these performers in a small warehouse on Long Island.  Enjoy the show.


Zave Smith


About Zave Smith

Commercial Photography for Advertising.
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