About Zave


Exuberant and poignant, philosophical and passionate, Zave Smith’s photographs capture the tangible pleasures and tactile experiences of life in close-up. Raised and trained in the Midwest, working out of Philadelphia and New York, Zave has a special feeling for personality that suffuses his work.

Zave Smith Photography


Represented by

In New York:     Watson, Spierman, Watson

Chicago: Anne Albrecht



5 Responses to About Zave

  1. outsideshooter says:

    Hi Dave, I saw your Comment on thedambook, your shameless plg. Mind if I do the same here? Please stop by some time just to take a look, or leave a Comment, or share some gem, or ask a question. I’m developing my blog too & it’s been a ton-o-fun. By the way I like your site. I’d like it if we could share a reciprocal link. Let me know.



  2. Doyle Souser says:

    Zave – I stumbled upon your website and noticed Keri Souser’s name, and wanted to see if we could share family history as our surnames are the same. Please pass this along.

  3. Terry Runion says:

    Very nice Blog, I am glad I found it!

  4. violetplum says:

    THe post of your wisconsin farm pictures were great.. as a was writing a post about missing out on life to be cyberly connected and then to see your rural pictures of a life opposite to what i was speaking of was great.. i don`t know how to link stuff but i would have liked to have those pics to illustrate the point i was making..

  5. Hi, nice to meet you !

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